Take Buffett's Billion

Warren Buffett

The Perfect March Madness Bracket

 This guy made a billion-dollar bet that nobody could guess a perfect March Madness bracket.

Let's work together to beat him!

Random guesses puts you at 1 in 9.2 quintillion chances. One Duke professor suggests smart statistical analysis might get you in the 1 in 1 billion realm – not impossible, but it’s clear why Buffett was willing to take the risk.

We think we can make the odds better – a lot better. If we all work together, we can optimize our chances by distributing all the statistically best bracket choices among us and then splitting up any prizes.

While we have our own team of statisticians applying existing algorithms and looking for improvements, we also welcome expert suggestions. We'd particularly like to invite Nate Silver to lend a hand!

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How it works

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On March 3rd, you'll sign up at the Quicken Loans website.

We’ll crunch the numbers and email you a bracket to submit.

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We are proud to support our partner, Immunity Project, and also look forward to donating proceeds to Habitat for Humanity.

Immunity Project is developing a free vaccine to end HIV and AIDS. Like us, they employ Big Data statistical anlaysis to find soltuions.

You'll have the option to donate any of your share to Immunity Project.

Habitat for Humanity builds and repairs houses all over the world using volunteer labor and donations.

If our pool wins any of the top 20 "imperfect" bracket prizes of $100,000 towards home purchasing, financinng or remodeling, these will be given entirely to Habitat for Humanity.